Our Story

Why We Decided to Start a Coffee Roasting Company

In 2019, what started as a hobby developed into a lifestyle.

In our home coffee is more than just a caffeine boost. Morning coffee is a ritual and the taste, an experience.

During our travels, we often sought out specialty coffee shops for discovering new unique flavor profiles of coffees. This quest for a morning cup for a day of adventuring led us down a rabbit hole of questions…  Does this Ethiopia taste like jasmine? How sweet and juicy is this Kenya? Or Ashton, “Holy S***, this Guatemalan taste just like dark chocolate! Give me more.”

Not having the option to seek out these unique specialty shops daily led us down the road to sourcing, roasting, grinding, and brewing our own coffee, striving to get the perfect cup.

In learning how to produce those same tasty flavors that resemble some of the shops that led us into the coffee world, we decided to start a business in hopes of changing the perspective that most people have about coffee. Why add a bunch of milk and sugar to cover up a bitter and burnt cup of coffee when you can pour a cup of black coffee that embodies the flavor profile you are seeking.

In our passion for roasting unique & delicious coffee, we hope to provide the same special experience in your daily cup.


Our roaster

What We Use to Roast the Coffee

We roast on a beautiful American made San Franciscan 6lb drum roaster.

This roaster can do small 1lb batches for dialing in a roast and 6lb batches for larger production roasts.

While a more convection heated roaster will bring out brighter flavor notes, this machine produces more body and mouthfeel that fits our style.


Sourcing green

Selecting What Coffees Make it on Our Menu

When selecting what coffees make it on our menu, they must first meet certain quality control parameters in order for us to choose that particular coffee.

First, we buy all of our coffees based on harvest to ensure the freshness factor is there. Purchasing old, tired coffee that taste like a wet shoe is something we always try to avoid. This is one of the reasons our menu is constantly changing; to keep those taste buds fresh.

Next, we always “cup” (google cupping) multiple samples from various farms and importers to make sure it meets our standards before purchasing a particular farm, region, or origin of coffee.

Last, we roast each and every coffee different to bring out the best that coffee has to offer. Some coffees need more development than others, some shine when roasted light, or maybe roasting a particular coffee darker will highlight those caramel and chocolate notes; this all plays a factor in roasting coffee and trying to find that optimum flavor profile is what we strive to accomplish.

Fresh and Tasty Coffees Every Day

We Roast Coffee for You to Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy What You are Sipping On

The Crew

Brett Gelineau

Owner & head roaster

Ashton Gelineau