French Press

How We Brew a French Press

What you’ll need

  • French Press
  • Brew kettle
  • Filtered Water
  • Coffee (preferably ours)
  • Scale – if you have one
  • Spoon
  • Stopwatch


  • Heat up 1liter of filtered water to just off boil
  • Weigh out 59g of coffee – grind finer than you would for a pour over
  • Pour coffee into French Press
  • Start stopwatch & add 1liter of hot water evenly over coffee grounds
  • At 4min, use spoon to break the “crust” and allow the coffee grounds to fall to the bottom
  • Wait till stopwatch hits 12min
  • Press plunger just on top of the coffee – do not press all the way to the bottom
  • Gently pour coffee out into your favorite mug; leaving behind the sludge at the bottom
  • Enjoy :)