How We Brew a Pour-Over

  • What you’ll need
  • Pour-Over – we like the V60 by Hario or the Kalita Wave
  • Glass server
  • Filter
  • Gooseneck brew kettle
  • Filtered Water
  • Coffee (preferably ours)
  • Scale
  • Stopwatch


  • Heat up 375g of filtered water to just off boil
  • Weigh out 22g of coffee – medium grind
  • Rinse filter & dump water – helps get rid of paper taste
  • Tare scale, start stopwatch, & add 60g of water in a spiral motion to saturate grounds evenly
  • Give the brewer a gentle spin
  • After 45sec add water in an even spiral motion until you reach 275g of water on the scale
  • Give the brewer a gentle spin
  • Allow water to draw down halfway; then add your remaining water until the scale hits 375g
  • Give the brewer a gentle spin
  • Allow coffee to drain through filter
  • Pour into your favorite coffee mug
  • Enjoy :)

Tips to consider

  1. You want the coffee bed to be flat after brewing
  2. You want to be around 3min of brew time – If you are too fast, grind finer. If you are too slow, grind courser.
  3. Make sure the water stream out of kettle is as even as possible throughout the whole brew