About Us

In 2019, what started as a hobby developed into a lifestyle.

In our home coffee is more than just a caffeine boost. Morning coffee is a ritual and the taste, an experience.

During our travels, we often sought out specialty coffee shops for
discovering new unique flavor profiles of coffees. This quest for a
morning cup for a day of adventuring led us down a rabbit hole of
questions...  Does this Ethiopia taste like jasmine? How sweet and juicy
is this Kenya? Or Ashton, "Holy S***, this Guatemalan taste just like
dark chocolate! Give me more."

Not having the option to seek out these unique specialty shops daily
led us down the road to sourcing, roasting, grinding, and brewing our
own coffee, striving to get the perfect cup.

In learning how to produce those same tasty flavors that resemble
some of the shops that led us into the coffee world, we decided to start
a business in hopes of changing the perspective that most people have
about coffee. Why add a bunch of milk and sugar to cover up a bitter and
burnt cup of coffee when you can pour a cup of black coffee that
embodies the flavor profile you are seeking.

In our passion for roasting unique & delicious coffee, we hope to provide the same special experience in your daily cup.