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Burundi - Nemba Kayanza

Burundi - Nemba Kayanza

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Located in the north of Kayanza province, Nemba washing station receives cherry from over 1,000 smallholder producers cultivating coffee in the ideal climate at 1,700+ meters above sea level. All the factors contribute to the fragrantly floral and sweetly fruity profile we so love from Nemba.

In Burundi, the prevalence of Red Bourbon trees is significant, but aging rootstock poses a challenge due to small coffee plantings. Many farmers have 50-year-old trees, yet the limited plot size makes it hard to justify replacing them, given the 3 to 4 years required for new plantings to yield. To encourage renovations, Bugestal acquires seeds from ISABU, establishes cost-effective nurseries, and sells seedlings. Additionally, the washing station provides organic fertilizer made from composted cherry pulp. This holistic approach addresses aging rootstock challenges and promotes sustainable coffee cultivation.

Although neighboring East African countries often receive more recognition in the specialty coffee realm, Burundi's smallholder, family-owned farmers are certainly not lacking in quality.

This coffee offers an exquisite taste profile characterized by prominent berry notes and delicate floral undertones, finishing with a lingering dark chocolate aftertaste.

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Red Bourbon

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