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Ecuador - Yacuri

Ecuador - Yacuri

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This Ecuador is my favorite coffee in line up at the moment. With notes of caramel and hints of vanilla, this coffee also has a delicious acidity pop that taste like a ripe tangerine.

Loja and Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador's southernmost provinces bordering Peru, feature stark climatic differences. Zamora Chinchipe, on the eastern side of the Andes, resembles the Amazon with its lushness and humidity, while Loja, on the western side, experiences drier conditions influenced by winds from northern Peru's arid deserts. Yacurí Reserve, established in 2009, spans 431 square kilometers (267.8 square miles), preserving diverse ecosystems like fog forests and Andean moorlands.

In the vicinity, coffee farmers employ agroforestry, partnering for sustainable practices. A 2023 project aims to certify them as organic producers. These farmers, spanning generations, prioritize quality, blending tradition with modernity. Cherries are handpicked and processed at on-site wet mills, undergoing meticulous fermentation and drying processes. Quality is ensured through thorough physical and sensory analyses before shipment to the dry mill in Quito.

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Caturra & Typica

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