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Mexico - Oaxaca

Mexico - Oaxaca

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This coffee from Oaxaca, Mexico is a delight to drink. With notes of ripe plum & nougat this coffee is on the sweeter, more fruit forward side. Fantastic for both drip or espresso but this coffee really shines in a pour over or french press.

The Finca Rancho El Huacamayo derives its name from the macaw birds that once thrived in this area. Dioeleciano Matias and his wife, Edhit Matias Cruz, uphold a tradition of cultivating coffee in Santiago Xanica, located in the southwestern region of Mexico's Oaxaca state. Coffee cultivation for them is more than just a livelihood; it's a cherished family legacy intertwined with a profound love for nature.

Before fully committing to farming, Dioeleciano used to engage in occasional labor alongside his family and neighbors, earning wages by the day. Initially driven by financial necessity, he eventually found fulfillment in coffee cultivation. However, his journey into this field wasn't without challenges; he vividly recalls grappling with fear due to the presence of snakes in the area.

Over the past six years, their focus has increasingly shifted towards coffee cultivation, with a recent emphasis on quality. Despite being small-scale farmers, they've managed to boost productivity, leading to a modest increase in earnings. Their meticulous process involves pulping the coffee on the same day, fermenting it for 36 hours, and drying it using a combination of concrete patios and straw mats. Looking ahead, their aspirations include further enhancing productivity and earnings to enhance their quality of life.


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